Provincial Nomination Program Applications

Assisting clients to obtain provincial nominee program nominations, allowing them to apply for permanent resident status in Canada.
Provincial Nomination Program Applications

Provincial Nomination Program Applications (PNP)

The Canadian government has the sole jurisdiction to issue permanent resident visas. However, in recent years, the Canadian government has partnered with each province allowing provinces to select foreign nationals for migration to Canada. These are known as Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) applications.

Our law firm has assisted many foreign nationals applying under several provincial programs, but predominantly under the British Columbia PNP. Provincial programs change and evolve quickly to meet the current demand of the provincial labour market. We are updated regularly on these changes so we can more effectively represent our clients.

What is Provincial Nomination Program?

The PNP is an essential component of Canada’s immigration system as it allows provinces and territories to address regional labor shortages, attract skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and investors, and support economic development initiatives. Additionally, the PNP provides individuals with opportunities to settle in specific provinces or territories based on their qualifications and the province or territory’s immigration priorities.